Terry’s Works, a self-serving website featuring Terry Riley’s creative works

Terry writes snappy, clever, witty stage plays
that are short on drama and long on humor.*
(He’s even won some awards.)

Select a script for a synopsis

9/10 [2M] 10 min

Aftermath [1 boy, 1 girl] 5 min

Break a Leg [2M, 1F, 1 M/F] 10 min

Dead Reckoning [3M, 2F, 1 girl] 10 min

Fourth Wall [1M, 1F] 10 min

In Transition [3F] 12 min

Liable to Act [1M, 1F, 3 M/F] 10 min

MoMA [2F, 1M/F] 10 min

Obits [2F] 10 min

Oxford Comma [1M, 1F, 1 M/F] 10 min

Patent Pending [2M, 2F, 1 M/F] 10 min

Save That Seat [1M, 1F] 10 min

Second First Date [1M, 1F] 10 min

Short Play Contest [3 F] 10 min

Stage Fright [1M, 1F] 10 min

State Finals [2 boys, 2 girls] 10 min

Talking in Circles [4 M/F] 8 min

Three Little Words [1M, 2F] 10 min

Training Wheels [3M, 2F] 15 min

* Terry figures that audiences have enough drama in their own lives, so why watch somebody else’s?